Zahida Huber

UX Architect

Zahida Huber

UX Architect Zurich, Switzerland

Zahida is a UX Architect who just quit her job without knowing where she will work next.

She has worked in the web industry for 14 years and her latest jobs were building up a UX-Team in a agile development agency and implementing a continuous UX workflow in an insurance company (the most difficult job of her life).

In the future she wants to solve a problem for people who really have one e.g. in the medical industry and develop a product right from the beginning without the restrictions of grown structures.


The Risks and Benefits of Building Trust

Thursday | 15:00 – 15:40

Trust is key: how to build it?

Do you sometimes feel your clients don’t understand the value of your work? That they don’t let you do good work for them and question everything you do? Do you have to fight to get budgets and commitment? Are you sometimes frustrated about too many discussions and compromises?

Would you like to have more impact in your projects and do good work that makes both you and your client happy?

One way to release your true potential is to actively earn the trust of the team you are working with, the client and all involved stakeholders.

It is hard work to do so, but when you succeed you will most likely get more responsibility, more freedom, higher budgets and more complex problems to solve.

This talk is about building trust.


  • What work does it take to win trust and what will you get in return.
  • How do you see your team trusts you.
  • What is different in a trustful environment and what circumstances are needed to create such an environment.
  • And what are the risks and challenges of building trust.


The Risks and Benefits Of Building Trust from zahidahuber

Zahida has also provided a full spoken text version


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